Caption contest – final results

Remember our contest we held in January? We think it’s time to wrap it up and after a debate we chose the following participants: 1st place: 2nd place: “Bras are like tea cups: they must be big enough to hold in the contents but narrow enough so they won’t spill.” 3rd place: “Honey, you look SO_SWEET in this – like you have two cupcakes instead of breasts.” To get your prizes please contact me at the with your snail mail address so I can ship the item to you :) This is important: please write from the email address that …

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We’re extending the contest

Remember the contest we started a month ago? We got some submissions but we don’t think it’s enough of them to judge, so we’re extending the deadline for another month. So get creative.

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Contest. Make us laugh. There are prizes.

So, we decided to hold a contest, because contests are fun and we all need as much cheer as we can get. The Goal The idea is to come up with a humorous dialogue (or caption) for this bra fitting related situation (I’m sure at least some of you have been through this experience, as either of the participants): The purpose of this exercise is that the dialogue or caption must be funny. Putting it simply, make us laugh. The Jury We (Ula & Margot) will choose the submissions we like the most. If there’s more of them that we’re …

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