Why I hate fashion

I hate fashion. No, seriously, I do. Maybe it’s a strange statement from someone who has a blog about clothing and accessories, but whenever I see a headline like “Be trendy this summer!” or “This season’s ‘must haves’” I roll eyes. Let me explain why.

Fashion is monotonous.

When something is in fashion you literally can’t find anything else, that would maybe suit your figure or personal style more. Indie shops can sometimes come to the rescue (and Marks & Spencer – if you like classics), but chance is they won’t have your size, the only style of dress you like is yellow and you look awful in yellow or you have to buy online and ship stuff back over and over again until you get the right fit and end up spending more on shipping than on the actual item. I still remember the horror of finding out right before my prom that all court shoes that shops in my town had for sale were pointy-nose ones. Sounds familiar?

skater dresses

Just a quick look into my bookmarked shops yielded this result (and these are only six of them): all of them have have very similar dresses in similar pink and orange/red tones, although all are targeted to a slightly different group of women.

When something that you actually like is trendy, a colour, a style or a type of accessory, every woman you know and half the women in your town will wear the same or very similar item. I know a lot of women like to fit in with their looks, but believe me, this is not what some of us (a lot of us, actually) want.

Fashion ignores non-standard people.

What is a standard person, anyway? According to fashion, it’s definitely someone several sizes smaller than the average sized person in a western country, women with flat chests and very narrow feet. This “standard” is not what I have observed in the people I know or meet. The “standard” is not true to reality. Therefore almost everyone I know has issues with buying essential things like trousers or shoes and has to spend a lot of time and energy to find the right fit, because most shops have only merchandise in the same, unfitting cut.

Fashion suggests you don’t need personal style to look good.

I believe this is called being a “fashion victim”? I don’t know, I’ve never been one. There are some things I can’t accept about it, for example I won’t wear something I don’t like, because I read in a magazine that a celebrity wore it to an event or that it will look good on me (who determines what looks good and what doesn’t, anyway?). Anyway, fashion is something temporary, it comes and goes. And style expresses personality, can make random items seem in place. You can create the whole outfit out of fashionable clothing and accessories and make it look horrid if they’re totally random, and you don’t need to have anything new to look great.

Fashion suggests that if you’re fashionable you’re better than others
Shopping lady

Photo: www.freedigitalphotos.net

This is the worst one of all. You simply cannot determine how good a person someone is by how they look, but unfortunately the society has been forcing women to think they’re only worth as much as their appearance and sexual attractiveness for so many generations, that everybody believes it.

Fashion industry preys on that, in a way that it means money, and to make you buy new things each season they have to tell you that you will be better, more attractive, more popular and more relaxed if you have these things, than other people who won’t. And this is why we have tons of people who are obviously different than each other but try to look the same. I know that the need to fit in is one of the most important needs in human life (which has been scientifically proven), but firstly there are many ways to fit in, not just by appearance, and secondly that doesn’t mean I must like it.

How to work with it

Hating fashion doesn’t mean that I hate clothes. On the contrary, I’m an artist and it is important for me to express myself in any way possible, and clothes are one of the many ways to do that.

That’s why I think that having your own style is much more important than fashion. You can work either with the current trends, choosing the things you like from them and making them into your style or work against it and buy online, in indie shops or sew them if you have the skill.

How to find your style

If you don’t already know what contributes to your style, try to figure out what kinds of things you DON’T like and decide why you don’t like them. Then look for the opposite or don’t wear that kind of thing at all.

high heel shoes

Prolonged wearing of high heels can cause serious back, feet and leg injuries that can be only cured by surgery. Also they make it easy to lose your balance and be seriously hurt. And all in the name of what?
Foto: ventileit / sxc.hu

For example: I don’t like high heel shoes because they’re uncomfortable and they’re a symbol of “suffering for beauty”. I simply refuse to wear something that makes parts of my body hurt just because someone I don’t know thinks I’ll be more of a woman if I do (doesn’t that sound ridiculous?). And so I wear flats or medium heel shoes. Do I look worse that way? According to fashion people I probably do, but then again according to them I don’t have a right to exist for being fat. Nah, I just look different and I look like me and not like some lady from the magazine cover.

Another example: I don’t like animal prints, because they displease my sense of aesthetics if not on an actual animal, so I simply don’t buy animal print clothes, even if they would otherwise fit me.

In a nutshell

I hope this post explains a little bit why my reviews aren’t focused on what’s flattering but rather on what’s comfortable. I don’t hate people who like fashion, because I think everybody is entitled to an opinion. The bottom line of what I’m trying to tell you is that:

  • you’re not wrong, bad or misshapen for not fitting into trendy clothes or for not liking them, it’s the trendsetters that are wrong for setting the trends for only a chosen part of population
  • if your circle of friends will reject you just for wearing something that’s not trendy or something they don’t like, don’t change yourself – change the people you spend time with because most likely your friends are morons
  • remember that absolutely nothing is a “must have”, no one except you should decide you what you must or needn’t have in your wardrobe – and in your life.
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