Review: dresses by Curvissa

In previous post we reviewed tunics by Curvissa. Obviously, we didn’t stop there and we have more for you today.

Patchwork dress – size 20


I tend to avoid shift dresses, because they make me look weird, but I fell for the pattern and, to my surprise, discovered that the style is quite nice.The length and fitting seem to work for me. Somehow this dress is not as shapeless as the other shift dresses and hence clings well to my curves. One thing though – it forms a bit of a tent underneath my bust, apparently this style is not designed with DD+ boobs in mind.
I’ve worn this dress several times already and I find the quality decent. After several washings the fabric is still as new.

Definitely the biggest advantage of this dress is the design. Not only the pattern is absolutely crazy, but also the colours are quite neutral, which makes the dress suit any other colour. I can see myself rocking it with purple or red long-sleeved top and tights.

Although not for too busty women, it is a decent work dress. 3/5




Notice how my bra is visible from the arm hole and the fabric sticks out weirdly? This is what I call bust-unfriendly or bust-hostile. The high neck makes me feel like I’m choking and because of the sleevelessness I feel strangely naked. Totally not a style for my type of figure (big bust, narrow hips) unless you don’t mind that sort of thing. Of course you can wear it with a long sleeve top underneath, but it still will be shapeless and badly cut.

I like the black and white motif though, so 1/5.

Long Sleeved Wrap Effect Dress – size 20

I absolutely love this dress! It’s perfect in every way – it’s made of good quality stretchy fabric, it has great, flattering fitting and it’s so pretty! I can’t find a single thing I don’t like about this cutie – perhaps one downside can be a low-cut neckline, in work environment some tube or tank top underneath may be required. As you can see, the dress looks fine with a belt, but I prefer it without any. Highly recommended dress for hourglass-shaped ladies. 5/5




I think  it’s the best one of all three dresses reviewed in this post. It has more boob space than the others and the cut at least acknowledges that plus size women also might have a plus size bust, but still not perfect and not entirely comfortable. I think that Margot is exaggerating when saying the cut is low. The cleavage isn’t even visible, and big bust needs a lower cut if you don’t want to look like you’re sporting two water baloons on your chest. For me it looks and feels slightly better with a belt.

Nice colours too. 4/5


Amy Jones Sparkling Long Tunic – size 18


Not much to add to what you can see in the pictures. This tunic is a shapeless sack with hardly any boob space. I’d have returned it, but I discovered that it looks quite nice as a dress (with pants/leggings and belt it looks horrid) and I loved the design so much that I kept it.As with the other dresses, the fabric quality is good, although I’ve washed it only once so far and I’m afraid the print might not endure long.

Definitely not recommended for curvy ladies, 1/5 (for the design).



It was a real disappointment. Women have shape, not just size, and even if you like loose fitting clothes, which I do, it indeed is possible to use a cut that doesn’t make the piece of clothing look like a tent (that also rides up on the front because your boobs lift the fabric). 1/5 (also for the fabric design and colours).

As you can see from both posts, Curvissa is a good option for plus size fashion lovers, but its offer is a hit-or-miss, so choose carefully. If you are busty like Ula, you may consider other brands.

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