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Curvissa is yet another plus size fashion retailer, offering a large choice of clothing and lingerie for plus size ladies. We’ve decided to order several things from there and give you some insight on the quality and fitting of their products.

Amy Jones tunic dress – size 20

SONY DSC SONY DSCAs I already mentioned, orange and brown is one of my favourite colour combinations, so when I saw this one in a shop, I couldn’t resist. Colours and dipped hem really made the tunic worth trying on.

In terms of appearance, I am really happy with it. The little zips around the neckline, the colourful circles, the tribal patterns – it all makes the dress very special and adorable. The fabric feels soft and very natural, no sweating risk whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the fitting is not great. As you can see, it’s a bit shapeless and thus too baggy in the chest area. I suppose if I were taller and less busty, it would look better. Belt is not an option here really, because it covers up the colourful circles. Below the waist it looks better, though, not too tight and not too loose, the length is also perfect.

What came to me as the biggest surprise is the colour – the brown turned out not rich, like a chocolate bar, but less saturated, like cocoa powder. I was hoping to rock this dress with my brown boots by Evans, but it doesn’t look well, neither do chocolate brown tights. For the moment I settled for black.

All in all, it is a nice dress, I just wouldn’t recommend it to very busty and petite. 3/5


I’m sorry to say that, but this tunic isn’t curve-friendly at all. It’s just big. It looks baggy on a big bust and makes an unpleasant crease around the armpit/breast spot (as seen on the last photo). Margot looks better in it because she has smaller boobs, but it doesn’t seem to define any waist. If you wear a belt with it it covers one of the orange dots that are essential part of the design, so it isn’t really working. Good only for women who like to drown in a baggy outfit. 2/5 (and the points I’m giving it are for the fabric design and colour combo).

Trendy asymmetric tunic – size 18



I fell in love with this one, because at first glance it looks like a winter version of my favourite top by Yours. However, it is a bit different.

First of all, it’s a bit baggy in the chest area. It has its advantages, because it covers up my belly, but makes my boobs stand out less. I suppose it is due to that black side panel. From behind it looks good however, clings well to my hourglassy self. The neckline is not too high, yet modest enough when combined with some large necklace.

Design is absolutely lovely: I like the swirls and beige tones all over, they are somewhat cool, but still suitable for my autumn eyes and hair.

I am a bit concerned about the quality here: the fabric is not too thick and I’m afraid it may wash with time. I don’t mind, because I prefer changing my wardrobe contents often over sticking to same items for years, but If you’re looking for something to last longer, this might not be the best choice.

Overall, it’s a lovely top and apart from minor fitting issues I am happy with it. 4.5/5










This style looks a bit better on me, but it adds my bust to the stomach and I look pregnant :> Wearing a belt with it doesn’t make much sense because of the asymmetric kick pleat. Margot likes this kind of style, I don’t, really.

As Margot stated, the fabric quality is quite poor. A black garment shouldn’t be translucent enough to show a bra underneath (except when it’s lace or tulle or other fabrics that are transparent by design). I suppose you could wear an undershirt with it, but it would cause excessive sweating and that’s not the whole point. I’m concerned about how it will stand multiple washes. I can’t say, I’d recommend it. 1/5 (and the single point, again, is for the fabric visual design).

In a nutshell

Ula: Just like most of the plus-size brands, Curvissa rarely caters for women who are like me – chest bigger than hips. The most popular figure is exactly the opposite, I think, but even then bigger sizes demand using a different cut than the same style in a smaller size, damn it. I know that most people think that people bigger than average should be hiding under large amounts of fabric, but I don’t have to agree with them, and I’ll keep to the brands who make the little waist I’ve got visible.

Margot: I wouldn’t classify Curvissa as bust-friendly, but it’s still good choice for a plus size lady who doesn’t want to look plain. I am happy with the purchase and looking forward to showing you some dresses; sure it will be worth reading. Stay tuned!

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