Reviews: dresses Sens and Frontera by BiuBiu

As you probably already know, Biubiu is a Polish brand that designs clothing for different bust sizes. Along with Pepperberry, it’s one of the first brands to do that, and we think it’s fantastic that such clothing exists and we don’t have to wear baggy tops and dresses to accommodate our busts anymore. We always look forward to the new designs Biubiu comes up with.

Here’s a review of their two new dresses.

Frontera black & grey – size 44 BB/BBB

I loved Gomera dresses and wore them a lot during Summer and Autumn, so I was happy to see a long sleeved version – Frontera.

Fit & Comfort- 4/5









I have nothing to complain about when it comes to fit here, except for the sleeves. They’re too tight. Bigger girls don’t just need more bust space, there’s a fair chance their arms will be wider as well. Since it’s a warm piece of clothing that one would wear during the Winter, I thought I’d be able to wear it on the top of some sort of an undershirt (a plain t-shirt maybe), so I wouldn’t have to wash the dress after I’ve worn it for just one day. No such thing will happen, the tight sleeves won’t help with that. They also restrict my movement a little bit. Perhaps I should have chosen 46 B/BB size, but I was worried it would look baggier.

Otherwise the fit is great – not too tight and not baggy at the same time. The length is also perfect, and the neckline, although a bit high, doesn’t choke me.

The fabric has a good proportion of natural and synthetic content. It’s quite thick and heavy, but not too synthetic. It feels nice on my skin.

Originality & Appearance 5/5

With a belt

With a belt, back view

Can’t complain here either, it’s a fantastic casual dress and we need more of that sort. The hood is a nice idea, the little pocket on the front (similar to the one in the older Bombay style) makes a lovely accent. The drawstrings on the bottom give it even a more casual look.


Despite the hood and the front pocket, which are like accessories already, it gives a lot of options. But because of the high neckline that makes the bust look a bit heavier than it should, I’d choose a long necklace, something that will break the chest vertically a little bit. Matching tights are always a cool idea. When it comes to shoes, a lot of options are available as well, from heavy combat boots to high heels. On the photos I’m wearing my Evans boots which emphasize the warm look you’re stuck with in the Winter.

In a nutshell

A brilliant everyday dress, with one annoying detail: the sleeves. Dear Biubiu: we need more casual dresses with wider sleeves. 4/5.



I’m not a big fan of Gomera dress (early reviewed on our blog), so when Ula told me she had ordered its winter version, I wasn’t enthusiastic. In the end, however, I found it much better. It feels less baggy (or perhaps the fitting is a bit tighter) and is definitely more interesting because of the hood, the kangaroo pocket and the drawstrings at the bottom. It’s also great that it’s not plain colour and has a few brighter accents.

In terms of comfort, I cannot say a bad word, it feels as easy and nice as my favourite hoodie. However, the fabric is quite thick, so I would avoid wearing it for nightclubs, pubs and stuffy rooms in general.

This is a lovely dress and I’m definitely willing to order one for myself (not sure which colour, though – for the dress is also available in navy&lavender and grey&pink). It’s been a while since the last time I had something so grunge in style, so looking forward to rock it with my steel cap boots and some steampunk earrings (no necklace really worked for me here, the neckline’s too high). My mark – 4.5/5 (because of thickness).

Sens cherry & black – size 46 B/BB

I really loved the combination of black and deep red in this dress, and I hoped it would be better for me, alas I can’t wear it. Let me explain why.

Fit & Comfort

The neckline in this dress is very high. In fact it’s so high that it creates a constant feeling of being choked. I tried to reposition it a bit, but it went back to the same place.

Again, even though it’s a 46 size, not 44 as in Frontera, the sleeves are way too tight for me. So I was feeling both choked and my moves were restricted.

When it comes to fit this dress is absolutely ruthless for a non-flat belly:

It doesn’t just lay flat on my stomach – it emphasizes its roundness and makes it look even bigger. I haven’t felt so self-conscious about it in a piece of clothing for a long time. It does look a bit better with a belt on, but  it’s still bad.

The fabric feels very synthetic. This is a beautiful dress, but you only want to wear it in a cold weather, otherwise you will sweat to death.

With a belt


Originality & appearance 4/5

I’ve seen similar dresses before – block colour on black background, so the idea itself isn’t new, but none of them were bust-friendly. This dress accommodates my bust just fine (too bad it doesn’t accommodate my other parts). I love the deep red and I like the vertical cut. It will look awesome on someone with a different build than mine. The dress has been adopted by Margot, she loves it more.


Oh dear. This is why I decided to buy this dress, it goes with everything that I like: my Flake Berry shoes, any high heel shoes, silver, garnets, cardigans, black coats, long earrings, you name it. I’ve compiled a pinboard with some of the stuff I’d wear with it, and believe me, this isn’t everything I came up with.

In a nutshell

Too bad I feel so awful in it: the choking, the tummy and the fabric. This 46 size dress is much tighter than a 44 size Frontera. I know it’s a matter of style, it’s supposed to be fitted, but I was hoping it would look better on someone whose body isn’t as “perfect” as the lady’s on the Biubiu website. Too bad. 3/5



This dress resembles, in some way, the Noli style. The fitting is quite tight here, the fabric is rather thick and feels kinda artificial. However, here the tight fitting turns out as an advantage and does not bring much of discomfort. I like the way it clings to my curves and it doesn’t even ride up that much, unlike other tight-fitting pencil dresses and skirts. I have no problem with high neckline, mostly because I’m less busty and narrower in shoulders than Ula, so in my case the neckline falls exactly where it should. No problem with sleeves either.

The tummy looks scary indeed, but with a proper belt it’s not a problem (I don’t mind anyway, I guess I made peace with my tummy and let it stick out). What I can see as a real issue here is the thickness of fabric, I wore the dress for maybe half an hour and felt way too warm.

Appearance of the dress, however, is pleasing and I liked myself in it so much that I bought the dress off Ula (saving her the pain of return/refund procedure, which was a win-win situation). I see a great potential in choosing matching accessories – either with a biker jacket and studded jewellery/bag, or with something gothic, or even with more “feminine” (in the oldfashioned sense) stuff like little hats, stilettos and black clutch bag.

To sum up: lovely dress, but not entirely suitable for plus size ladies. Please bear in mind the issues we pointed out. 3.5/5

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  1. Thank you for the detailed reviews and pics! I just stumbled across your site when searching for reviews on Biu Biu clothing. I especially appreciate the information about the fabric, how it feels on the skin, since I’m in FL and would be limited in wearing anything too ‘sweat intensive’.

    Ula, I love the look of the red and black dress on you (especially with the belt)! Very sexy, flattering, striking look – I would like to look like that if I wore it! But I understand, between the choking feeling and too tight arms, not to mention the feel of the fabric, why it was a no go for you.

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