Contest. Make us laugh. There are prizes.

So, we decided to hold a contest, because contests are fun and we all need as much cheer as we can get.

The Goal

The idea is to come up with a humorous dialogue (or caption) for this bra fitting related situation (I’m sure at least some of you have been through this experience, as either of the participants):


The purpose of this exercise is that the dialogue or caption must be funny. Putting it simply, make us laugh.

The Jury

We (Ula & Margot) will choose the submissions we like the most. If there’s more of them that we’re able to choose, we will hold a poll for our readers to choose the best one.

The Prize


Ula makes jewellery, therefore she came up with the prizes for this contest.

The first place will get this pendant made by Ula:IMG_0996m

The second place will get this bracelet made by Ula:IMG_0999m

The third place will get this pair of earrings made by Ula:IMG_1000m

If Margot feels creative enough she might throw in some more earrings. Also, the best caption will be published on the above picture with the winner’s name on it.

The Deadline

We’ll give you a month. We will announce the winners on February 8th, unless there are too few submissions, then we will prolong the deadline.

The Rules
  • Anyone can participate. Really, anyone. Even guys.
  • Anyone can submit as many captions as they want (we’d like to encourage you however to only submit ones that have been really thought through). Which means that if one person comes up with three funniest captions, they will get all the prizes. Lucky bastard.
  • To submit the caption simply put it in a comment to this post. To distinguish between submissions and regular comments please write the submissions in quotation marks.
  • The winners will have to provide their real address, so that I will be able to ship the items. I will not to use the address for any other purpose than this.
  • The contest is held for two of the language versions: English and Polish. With two sets of prizes. You may enter your submissions in both, but please submit the Polish version below the Polish version of this post.
  • If we get two similar or identical submissions (one word difference, for example) we will choose the one that came first (except when the second one is exceptionally better).
  • Submissions that are in any way offensive (that includes body shaming) will be moderated and the autor will be banned from commenting on this blog. This blog is about promoting fitting bras, not spreading hate. Having said that, we don’t mind profane language too much, as it can be funny sometimes.
  • We reserve the right to add more rules to this list if we think of something important.



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  1. “If someone can get to ‘second base’, you’re not wearing the correct size.”

    “Bras are like tea cups: they must be big enough to hold in the contents but narrow enough so they won’t spill.”

  2. The only thing this bra is good for is bungee jumping twang!!

  3. Kathrine Hagedorn

    “See, they won’t roam if your bra is this tight.”

  4. It’s either this or they are on your hips. You choose…..

  5. “You see now Mrs Brown if you can’t get a fella you can take your bra off and use it as a catapult to knock one out”.

  6. Wardrob malfunction? I think NOT…..

  7. Elizabeth Shanks

    “Titsling” has two uses, either for a bust lift or a butt lift-Ahat is your liking.

  8. – “Why are you worrying about what eyeshadow to wear when you’ve got these?”
    – It was far too late for the prankster to tell them that it was a one-way mirror.
    – “Honey, I think you should consult with me before buying bras like a wholesaler. Especially when you’ve got the wrong size.”

    …will I earn the ‘Lucky Bastard’ award?

  9. debbie ojibway

    (submissions) it’s a snap… treat yourself with a little variety for the ta-tas !

  10. Striking bra? UR doing it wrong.

  11. “Honey, you look SO_SWEET in this – like you have two cupcakes instead of breasts.”

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