Sale dresses from Yours Clothing reviews

Yours Clothing has some stuff on sale now, so we decided to give these two dresses a review before they’re gone.

Black and plum wrap dress – size 18

I have been drooling over this particular dress since it’s become available a few months back. I was reluctant however to spend 39€ on a single dress, so I decided to wait until the sale and hoped that my size wouldn’t be gone by then. I was lucky.

There is also a skirt made of the same fabric available.

Fit – 4.5/5


The dress has enough space for my bust, which is the major issue with clothes for me, in general. The nice mock wrap detail over the tummy covers it a bit and helps me feel less self conscious about it. The “tulip” shape skirt is comfortable and flattering. The neck cut is low enough to flatter my bust but still quite modest.

I’d rather the dress was a tiny bit shorter, maybe an inch or so, but this length seems okay too.

Comfort & Fabric – 2/5

I wish the fabric was less artificial. It is possible to make a stretchy jersey fabric with at least 30% of cotton, but this isn’t a case here. It’s all polyester and I’m worried that after wearing it all day I’ll be all sweaty. I wish that Yours would give that information, but I can’t see the fabric content infomation anywhere on the product’s page. I was hoping to wear this dress in the Spring as well, but the fabric makes it only sensible to wear it in the cold weather.

Anyway, it’s stretchy enough not to restrict my movements and this type of fabric gives it some weight so it flows over my body nicely.

Appearance 5/5

I love the combination of grey and purple. I like it enough to have acquired a number of accessories in these colours over the last few years, so I’ll have no problem accessorizing. The buckle on the left is a nice detail that makes this dress less casual somehow. I really like the flat, abstract pattern and I wish Yours would have more clothes with this kind of patterns, not just semi-realistic flowers.


Accessories: purple lip gloss, scarf, earrings, cardi & felt brooch

Usually one piece of patterned clothing per outfit is enough for me, but this time I’ve got a scarf (also from Yours – from about two years back collection) in exactly the same colours as the dress, so it doesn’t hurt to match them together. If the shade was different the scarf would look random and weird, but in this case it looks planned and as if it was a set. Anything neutral grey will be fine, really, like this Pepperberry cardigan, and a brooch detail on my right side will balance the dress buckle that’s on the left side. Earrings are always a good idea too.

This isn’t exactly a casual dress. I can see myself wearing it to rather formal  or semi-formal occasions (not too many of those in my life but you have to be prepared), that’s why I’m wearing it with heels rather than flats on the photos.

In a nutshell

I thought this dress would be more casual despite the colour and pattern, but the type of fabric narrows the choice of occasions you can wear it to and seasons there’s point of wearing it at all in. Penalty points to Yours for not disclosing the fabric content on the product page. In spite of that, I like this dress enough to keep it. Overall – 3.5/5


I’ve been through the mock wrap dresses phase last year and wasn’t really seeking for anything alike, but I was glad to try this one on, just for comparison.

In terms of appearance, I am rather pleased. I like the colours and pattern, the gunmetal buckle on the side is interesting and not too dressy. The fabric is synthetic and rather thick, which obviously has its advantages, since it gives in to gravity in a flattering way, but I’m afraid there might be some issues with sweating. On the plus side, the fabric feels good on my skin, I wore it for a while during the shooting and felt no discomfort.

The fitting though is far from perfect. I appreciate the effort with well-defined waistline, which obviously makes curves more visible, but by comparing photos of myself and Ula, you can clearly see that this is designed rather with empire style in mind, and while it does good to Ula, who is 3 inches taller, it breaks me in half and makes my torso look seemingly wider and not too graceful. It also draws more attention to my hips.

In a nutshell: this is a lovely dress, but probably for someone taller or slightly less curvy below the waist. My mark: 2/5

For accessories, I would definitely pick something metal and shiny – it just seems most suitable with cool colours. I chose stilletos and rather elegant setting, but I think with flat boots and a sweater it would work as a casual outfit.

Mocha Oriental Floral Tunic size 18

The name of the product is confusing. The tunic is off-white with floral pattern, in which only the leaves are mocha-like. The flowers are light purple/lilac; the shop photos are actually quite accurate, just the name of the product isn’t. Anyway.

Fit – 3.5/5

I was wondering at first if this was a dress or a tunic, it’s pretty much knee length for me and I’m not exactly short, but then decided it can be both. I will be wearing it in summer (it’s made of viscose, not polyester) with 3/4 leggings but here I’m wearing it in a winter version – on top of a long sleeved t-shirt and with tights.


If not for the t-shirt, I’d need a plunge bra. It accommodates the whole of my bust though It’s rather plain in the tummy area, I’d like more ruching there because it seems quite shapeless this way. Also, the bottom is supposed to be longer on the sides and seems rather indecisive instead. The sides should be either longer to make a point or just stay the same length as the front and back. So, despite being cut off under the bust this tunic creates an impression of a shapelessness.

Comfort & Fabric 5/5

Can’t complain here. They even disclosed the fabric content on the product page. I like viscose jersey in general, it doesn’t cause sweating and is nice to the touch. I will be wearing this tunic in Summer a lot, I suspect.

Appearance 3.5/5

I like this kind of a floral pattern – flat and non-realistic, inspired by Oriental design. Also the colours made me notice this tunic among hundreds of others, the purple is cool and yet the whole colourway seems warm. I’m taking a one and a half points off for the cut here, as it contributes to the appearance big time.


I think this style requires natural and casual accessories rather than hi-tech looking silver. Cotton, wood, hemp, linen and leather would be in order. I have to admit I don’t have many brown accessories, I may have a wooden beaded necklace somewhere but that’s it. I could wear it with tan linen trousers, or some other light kind of Summer clothing. Matching it with purple accessories though would cool the whole look down, so it will mostly depend on my mood.

In a nutshell

It’s a great tunic with a lot of matching options, if only the fit was less baggy.



Tunic, you say? Well, maybe it would be, if I weren’t 5’3″ (161 cm) tall :) But it can work as a dress for me, so no harm done. Of course, the neckline goes almost to my bellybutton (like with all cross-over dresses), but this is nothing that a camisole or a tube top wouldn’t fix.

Apart from the ever-lingering height issue, I find the dress absolutely amazing. The fabric is soft, comfy, and feels natural. The empire waistline, the tie in the back and the A-shaped skirt flatter my figure big time, concealing my “love handles” and exposing my bosom. Colours are just perfect: the combination of ecru, purple and chocolate brown make it suit accessories in beige, purple, brown, white, even some shades of grey and burgundy.

To sum up: perfect dress for summer, perhaps minus the neckline problem. 4.5/5

This gorgeous dress is somewhat magic and made me travel in time to 1990s, therefore I went full grunge with my fav steelcap boots and steampunk jewellery. Great to fell a teenager again!

The pendant I’m wearing is made by Ula. As all of her pieces, this one is one of a kind, but she happens to have even more lovely steampunk pendants available in her shop.


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