Boots, boots, boots! A/W 2013 picks

All plus size ladies know, how difficult it is to buy decent boots that fulfill our specific needs. I’ve always had rather slender calves, but still struggled to find long boots that I would be able to zip up – and all that even back in the days when I was wearing size 12! Now, being size 18, my legs got even more demanding, in terms of calf width, sole construction, heel height etc. I know that many of you, dear curvy ladies, will be struggling as much as I do, so to save you some time and pain, I’ll share with you my view on what’s in stores these days and present you with my picks for this winter.

Faux Suede Platform Wedge Ankle Boots with Insolia® by Marks&Spencer – size 4.5

These boots are my definite favourite and top pick this winter. Even though the heel is elevated, they are unbelievably comfortable and it takes hours of walking to feel even the slightest fatigue. I think not only the Insolia technology, but also the wedge contributes to this – it’s firm and well-designed, shifting all weight to heel, not to ball of foot. As you can see in the middle photo, the shape of boots is rather slender, which makes legs visibly longer and slimmer – hence, you can rock these with both pants and a skirt, which is rare with ankle boots in general. Finally – the elevated heels do wonders to the way my butt looks. I know it’s common for heels and wedges of all sorts, but doesn’t hurt to remind it for the sake of those ladies who stubbornly stick with flats.

The only disadvantage of these that I see – although probably not everyone would agree with me – is the material. Suede is not the best choice for winter and I think some impregnation is in order. I wore them once or twice on a damp day and so far they didn’t soak, but pouring rain or snow might be a killer.

My rating: 4.5/5

Footglove™ Leather Ruched Chelsea Boots by Marks&Spencer – size 4.5

This was an unplanned purchase. I hadn’t even considered buying flat ankle boots this winter (I’m more than happy with my long ones by Evans that I had purchased last winter), but once I tried them on and realised how comfy they are, I couldn’t resist. They do really feel like a “footglove” – soft, light and quite warm too (although some thick socks might be required when winter really kicks in). I also like the fact that they have slightly pointy toes, because it makes legs look slender – as you can see, they really rock with skinny jeans. Finally, the fitting is generous enough to cater for thicker socks and there’s no need to buy larger size than usual.

Unfortunately, these boots do not pass my Skirt Test, so if you look for something more versatile, I advise going for the boots presented above or something entirely different.

My rating- 4/5

Evans Tan Leather Strap Detail Long Boots – size 4 Xwide

I had a dream – long, brown, leather boots. After many heartbreaking tries in various stores, I finally came across these. Even ordered them online (which I almost never do with shoes, too risky), because Dublin store had only size 5. I hate to say it, but I was slightly disappointed.
First of all, the shaft is not wide enough to cater for my calf, which you can see if you look closely at the photos. I used my old trick of pulling them a bit down, so that I could zip them up below the widest part of the calf. This caused some ruffle around the ankles, which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable for first few minutes after putting the boots on. I am a bit surprised, since these are supposed to be extra wide. I hope they stretch out a bit with time, since they’re made of genuine leather.

The foot fitting is not perfect either. The shaft might be narrow, but the foot is definitely too wide. I think this might have been done in order to leave some space for extra insoles or thick socks (and looks like I’m gonna need those, because the sole is rather thin). In the meantime, since the weather has been mild so far, I felt no need for extra warmers in my boots, and the loose foot was anything but comfy, I even got some blister at the end of a long day.

Having said that, I kept the boots, because they are not that bad and the inconvenience I experience can be dealt with very easily, whereas the boots have some advantages too: first, they are very pretty and look classy; secondly, the heel is perfect, not too low nor too high; finally – this is genuine leather, something that lasts longer than faux suede and looks lovely.

My rating: 3/5

In a nutshell

I’m slightly disappointed with wide fit boots this year. Last winter it was definitely better, selection was bigger and “extra wide” really meant what it said. My biggest disappointment was with the latest collection by New Look, their wide fit shoes used to be great, this season there was nothing pretty nor comfortable to choose from (I even bought a pair of wedge ankle boots, wore them twice – the most painful shoe experience ever), and I miss those days when their Wide Fit series brought so much comfort to my plus size self. I hope the wide fit shoe sellers get their stuff together next year.

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