Bust friendly top from Hong Kong

Today we’d like to introduce you to a shop that, as far as we know, only exists on eBay. Lady Wan is based in Hong Kong and has designed several styles that go up to size 32 and some of them are bust friendly, like this Kimono Wrap asymmetric top in size 16/18.



The Fit 4.5/5

It almost fits my chest; the under bust line, as you can see, is not exactly under the bust. Other than that it’s fine, and it creates an illusion that I actually have waist, which is nice. It indeed hides the tummy a bit so I like to wear it when I feel particularly bloated.

As with most of my clothes – Margot looks better in it than I do because she has well defined waist.

It does require a plunge bra, if you’re not wearing a camisole top underneath it.

Fabric 4.5/5

It’s very stretchy and it does nice things for my figure, it does however create sweating, and I can only wear this top in Autumn and Winter.

Quality 3/5 

There have been stray threads here and there and I have to carefully remove them, this shouldn’t be happening. Other than that the top withstands frequent wearing and washing just fine. Just don’t tumble-dry it. The price/quality ratio is very much okay, I think.

Appearance 5/5

How many such wrap tops are there, and how many of them have such an interesting asymmetric cut on the bottom?

Overall it’s a 4/5

It’s a great top for most occasions, if you don’t wear it in warm weather.

Shopping on eBay is always a risk, this shop however delivers the goods and I can recommend it. Unfortunately you have to wait a bit long when you’re in Europe, as it is in Asia. I’ve never tried returning any of the items I bought there but I suppose it would be somewhat tricky.


SONY DSC SONY DSCWhen I saw this top on Ula, I wasn’t convinced it would be right for me. First of all, it’s made of synthetic fabric, secondly – it’s really low cut. However, when I tried it on, I was surprised how great it looks on me. Fabric does not feel uncomfortable and has proper weight, so it gives in to gravity and flatters my figure big time, even despite my height and wide hips. Not sure what it would be like with sweating though, because I had this top on for merely 20 minutes, but I imagine that during winter it won’t be an issue.

The neckline is really low with this one and I think tube/tank top underneath is in order. I could probably go on with that much cleavage on social outings, but at work it is rather inappropriate.

In terms of appearance, I find the top lovely. I adore the cut-in sleeves and asymmetric hem.

I like this top so much, that I’ve decided to order some for myself, as well as other products from Lady Wan. The idea of buying a top with gothic touch has been haunting me for a while, and this is the first I’ve liked (I browsed through Holy Clothing and some other ebay listings before, wasn’t impressed). When I get my order, be sure I will share my thoughts with you. My rating: 4/5

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