Clarks “Flake Berry” shoes review

style: Clarks “Flake Berry”
colour: wine patent
size: 6.5, wide fit

In my previous post about shoes, I stated that I wasn’t a big fan of wedged heels and patent leather. There can be however exceptions to these rules, and Clarks “Flake Berry” shoes include both.


I don’t know why this wedge shape appeals to me while others don’t, I’m suspecting that it’s more horizontal and less diagonal in the back than usually, I don’t know. And I also like this particular style in patent leather, although there is a regular leather version too. I liked the wine coloured version the most, although it doesn’t go with everything and I really have to wonder what other things to wear sometimes (black skirt and red tops along with one dark red accessory like a scarf seem to be the best for me). I plan to get another pair in patent black, whenever I have enough spare cash.




My personal taste aside, I can recommend this style for those, who find most shoes uncomfortable and have to wear sports shoes all the time to avoid blisters. They are wonderfully soft inside and I didn’t even have to break them in, and as you know from my previous posts, this is not the case with most shoes.

The heel isn’t much higher than the midfoot and the sole gives a soft padding between your foot and the ground, so it isn’t painful to walk in them all day. The strap’s length is enough to cover my wide ankle, although barely; if my ankles were wider or even more swollen than they are now, I’d have trouble fastening it. They don’t hurt my high instep either, you can see on the photos that there is enough space between where the leather ends and where my instep begins.

Overall, I’m not afraid to say that this is the most comfortable pair of dress shoes that I own. It’s great that they come in wide fit too, and even though my right foot is always slightly swollen, I have absolutely no trouble fitting inside the right shoe.


No problems here so far, although it will take time to see how long they last – well you can tell that they’re much better than my Evans shoes that fell apart after two weeks (ugh) and the base price wasn’t all that different.

Overall I’m giving them 5/5, for both the style and comfort


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