Review: Red And Black Tartan Check Print Mini Skirt by Yours

I must confess I usually don’t get along with the newest trends in fashion, but this autumn I’m quite happy with them, especially with purple skater dresses and tartan patterns.

Yours has two checked beauties in store this fall:

I’ve decided to go for a skirt (in my usual size 20), since with someone of my height (5 ft 3″/161 cm) dresses always bring the risk of waistline falling in wrong place.

_DSC3449 _DSC3454 _DSC3457 _DSC3463

Firstly, the skirt is very comfy to wear. It has elasticated waist and is made of jersey. Thanks to the fabric it’s also practical – does not require ironing and can be washed easily.
Unfortunately, the skirt is also unbelievably short. It came to me as a surprise, because usually everything is too long for me, but this skirt made me feel like a schoolgirl from Japanese cartoons. Moreover, it tends to ride up because of the waistband, which is rather thin. Fortunately, I managed to keep it in place with belt – and I think it even looks better (the belt is also by Yours ;)). I am not one of those gals who get embarrassed by showing too much of their legs, but some ladies may feel uneasy. I recommend wearing the skirt with leggings or thick tights.

To sum up: this is a nice skirt and great value for money (which is why I didn’t return it), but please bear in mind the length problem. 3/5

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