Review: classic shirt and dandelion twist top by Pepperberry

This post is not intended to be a fashion rant, but I just cannot help it, I have to start with a little bit of bitching: in most of my favourite online stores collection autumn/winter 2013 sucks. Amari, BiuBiu and Pepperberry are probably the only stores where I liked anything of the new arrivals, and Pepperberry did such an excellent job that I want to buy half of their store (again). Since my wardrobe is about to explode, I have to be smart with my shopping, so I decided to buy only these two.

Multistripe classic shirt – size 16 SC
One of my M&S shirts. Lower part is great and caters well for my hips, but it's not very flattering in chest area

One of my M&S shirts (size 18). Lower part is great and caters well for my hips, but chest area is not very flattering. Observe the way button line cracks between my boobs.

My new shirt by Pepperberry – buttons stay in place and there’s no risk of bra exposing whatsoever.

Classic shirts are probably the reason why, until recently, I hated my boobs. On various occasions requiring formal outfit I was feeling really self-conscious about the way fabric behaves on my bosom, constantly afraid that the buttons would eventually let go and expose my bra. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m also petite and even if a shirt does have some decent boob space, that space ends up somewhere on my upper ribs. I finally settled for several classic shirts by Marks&Spencer, which cost only 13 euro each and more-less do the job if I wear a really tight bra (I know it sounds puny and desperate; to my defence, I really needed some shirts back then, dress code is a bitch).

And then, this one came along – I gave it a shot because I loved the colours and… it turned out even better than expected.

At first, following Pb size guide, I ordered 18 RC and it was a total miss: the shirt was definitely too loose and made me look like a sack of potatoes. I exchanged it for size 16 SC and this time liked the result. This one clings perfectly to my boobs and waist, and is not too long (hardly ever happens with regular clothes on a petite chick). Personally I prefer wearing it let in trousers, but it also looks fine when left out.


Another great advantage is the fabric. Usually shirts are made of polyester, which only intensifies sweating and is anything but comfortable. This beauty is unbelievably soft (97% cotton!), and feels fantastic on my skin, even though the fabric is kinda thick. I wore it all day earlier this week (to work and beyond) and had no sweaty accident, not a single minute of discomfort.

Alas, my height (and hips) messed things up a little and you can see a bit of unnecessary ruffle on my back. Still, this is probably the best shirt I’ve ever had and considering buying one or two more in different colours. 4.5/5

Dandelion twist top – size 16 C-RC

Same as with the shirt – I had to exchange for size 16, initially going for 18. Since the fabric is very stretchy, I was afraid that it might become even more loose after few hours of wearing and, as far as I understood, this top is meant to fit tight.

Again, fantastic fabric, soft and smooth. Colours and print are mesmerizing.

Alas, I cannot get away with my height this time. This top is terribly long and really low cut, sleeves are very long too. Hadn’t I met my new best friend, Black Tube Top, I’d have returned this purchase.

Fortunately, after all day of wearing, the top didn’t get any more loose, so I hope it stays this way or maybe even shrinks a wee bit after washing.

Overall, this is a lovely top, only designed with taller women in mind. 3/5

In a nutshell

Pepperberry did it again and I’m quite happy with my purchase. I still hope they release something for petite & busty one day.

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  1. My goodness girls! Your blog is no good for my credit card.. I just spent about £120 at Pepperberry and 44 at Biubiu – making sure beforehand they offer full refunds – and thinking about another £80 at Amari. Have you ever tried on their dresses? Any good?

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