Styling a T-shirt

We all have T-shirts in our wardrobes. Being such a casual and popular article of clothing, they have different set of rights and “rules” than other tops (I’m writing “rules” in quotation marks, because they’re not really important rules, just something that fashion people invented for numerous reasons). I don’t know what could be even more casual than a tee, a pyjamas maybe? Anyway, we all wear them with jeans or something similar and we usually don’t worry about style, myself included: tees are about comfort, casuality and optionally a message they convey, and it’s perfectly okay – this is why I love wearing them.

Every now and then, though, you want to both wear a tee, because of its comfort and a cool picture that’s on it and at the same time not seem like your outfit is totally random. Well, I myself like a good tee, especially movie related, and I like to wear stuff that matches together. If you’re not sure how to do that, here are a few tips:


  • Separates. Look at the pictures. Grey skirt with a grey tee, blue jeans with a blue tee, black jeans with a black tee – notice a pattern here? I’m not saying that you must always do just that, this is just what I like to do to make a T-shirt look like a part of an outfit, and not a random choice. You can of course wear it in different combinations – grey with black, blue with grey, bright coloured (like red, yellow, orange) with pretty much everything. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is a combination of navy blue and black, but if you’re fine with it then wear it, by all means.
  • Shoes. What you want to do is to wear a comfortable pair, after all this outfit is mainly about comfort. Both pairs I used for this photo session are fantastic and I usually wear them with jeans when I have to walk around the town a lot. In colder weather it would have been a pair of heavy boots, but it was warm that day.
  • Accessories. I chose tees that go well with red (most of my tees do), so I could easily accessorize. Just one accessory that corresponds to anything else that you have in your outfit is fine. See how my grey Cthulhu tee has a red element there? Just a pair of red earrings would have been fine, but for the purpose of this post I went all the way and added a scarf, a bracelet and shoes. The black tee on the right has a small amount of red on it and I’m wearing just a red scarf with it, everything else is black or black & white, because sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. And this way you can see that not much effort is needed to achieve the effect of certain purpose in your outfit.
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