Biubiu – Portofino top and Noli dress review

I must admit that it took me a while to warm up to BiuBiu. I didn’t like most of their styles because of the cross-over cut, which was presented on tall women (and I really didn’t feel like wearing a v-neck reaching down to my bellybutton), or even if I liked something, my size usually was already out of stock. However, things have changed: they hired a model of my height and their style selection got somewhat more diversified. I gave it a shot and ordered some items from this year’s releases.

Portofino top, black – size 44 BB/BBB

The same top in the same size adjusted differently on the bust. Margot is modest, Ula doesn’t mind showing a bit of cleavage.

side view

both front and back view


“Cross-over style? Not again!” – that’s what I initially thought. Then, I tried one that Ula bought and I found it more modest than their other styles. The fabric can be draped in such a way that it exposes more or less of cleavage, depending on my preference. the ruffled fabric around the belly keeps my love handles at bay. The way the fabric lays in the upper chest area makes me think of kimono, which certainly indulges my love for Japanese culture.

It came to me as a surprise that size 44 fits me actually better, even though the store’s size guide suggests me going for 46. I reckon size 46 would be more loose in the belly and totally lose the corset effect.
Overall, I think the top rocks and give it 5/5.

Portofino is also available in other colours; I went for red one, but lavender and blue are defo not agreeing with me, and white makes me think of funerals (tip: white colour in Japan plays the same role as black in European mourning tradition). I wish there were more colours to chose from.


It seems our tastes are quite opposite when it comes to necklines – I love wrap-over styles, they make my bust look its best and I feel perfectly confident wearing them (admittedly I don’t work in an office and I do all customer contact via email).

Portofino is one of my favourite Summer tops. Great quality, stretchy fabric with high cotton percentage. After several washes the black is still the same – as dark as Margot’s new top. I like to wear it with jeans, but it also goes with my Thai wrap skirt, which I wore for most of the last Summer. 5/5

Noli dress navy and coral – size 46 B/BB

I had a feeling this one is a close fit and size 46 might be better for me, but I ordered one in 44 as well, just in case (and also because size 46 was not available for the colour version I liked the most).

Unfortunately, I was dead right and had to send size 44 back. It was way too tight in waist and hips, rode way up because of my large bum and turned out way too short.
Size 46, on the other hand, even though it fits great at the bottom, turned out a bit loose from my waist up. This is really puzzling: this cut is obviously made for hourglass shape and I happen to be a perfect example of one. So, why is there such a difference in fitting?

Another downside are the sleeves, which seem slightly too long (you can observe it also on the photo in the store – the model is my height). I reckon the manufacturer made an assumption that a petite lady can get them trimmed if she likes and sleeves of this length could also accommodate taller women. Doesn’t bother me that much anyway, as the sleeves’ shape is straight and trimming them should be very easy.

Even though I’m having issues with upper fitting, I decided to keep the 46 size one, because the dress is simply adorable. The collar resembles traditional Chinese shirt’s (or maybe closer to Indian/Pakistani tunic, not sure), the colour combination is amazing and the A-cut flatters my figure big time.

The fabric of the dress is quite thick and I think the style is made for winter. The upside of it is obviously the shape and the way it smoothens the silhouette, so I consider it an advantage, but it might be worth knowing for those of you who live in warmer climate or plan to wear it during warm days.

Overall: lovely, unique dress for busty girls, but maybe not for those with child-bearing hips. 4/5


For some reason I thought the fit would be similar to the last year’s Bombay style, which I’ve got in 46B/BB but it’s slightly different. Firstly, the sleeves are way tighter. I don’t feel comfortable in such tight sleeves, especially when the fabric is so thick. Admittedly my arms are relatively wide and muscled too, but the Bombay dress still fits me better in that area. Secondly, Noli is somewhat tighter in the waist. It would seem that size 48 would be a better fit for me, but it doesn’t exist (and 46B/BB actually is my usual Biubiu size).

The bust area fit was okay, as you can see on the photo.

I like that the fabric is thick, it will be best for cold Autumn days and even for the Winter, but was impossible to wear for more than five minutes in September. It feels slightly artificial and seems like something that generates extensive sweating.

Overall I felt uncomfortable in it, it was too tight and it felt weird on the skin. 2/5 I would recommend getting one size bigger than your usual Biubiu size (and the Bombay dress, if you can still get it in your size).

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  1. I like the portifino, having a similar size to you, but was SOOO glad they created them in white… I ordered 2 ! They work so well with coloured jeans and I have a “thing” about wearing black with neon colours and also in hot weather, summer feels like it should have lighter tops and being in Norway, a short sleeve top in autumn is a joke! Glad you’re coming around to Biubiu… I find their quality superior to other “busty brands”

    • Well, we live in Ireland, so it’s pretty much random if we have to wear a short sleeve or long sleeve and a coat all year round. The weather can change every day or twice day or so, the only way is to layer. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thanks for your reviews! I love seeing the clothes on someone my size. I am a huge fan of the Portofino, but I love the new Harleem even more. It might be my favorite BiuBiu top every. Same adjustable neckline, long sleeves and rouching both front and back. I got it in the green and red and wish the black wasn’t sold out in my size.

    • Yeah, that’s a common problem with Biubiu – bigger sizes sell out so quickly, I never get a chance to save up some money to make a larger purchase! It only shows how big the demand is for such products. Thanks for dropping by!

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