Berry skater dress by Evans – review


Apparently purple skater dresses are very much “in” this fall, because I’ve found them in four different shops that I check out regularly: Evans, Yours, New Look and M&Co. As I previously stated, Yours is quite risky with defined waistline dresses because of my height, with M&Co it’s even worse (their petite collection goes only as far as size 18, I fit in their size 20), and lace is not exactly my thing when it comes to outfits (jewellery and lingerie are a different story). I would have probably dismissed Evans’ dress as well, if it hadn’t been for the fact that they have a store in Dublin and I had a chance to actually try the dress on. I purchased it instantly, even though the price was higher than I expected. I picked size 18, apparently close enough.


Neckline is quite low, but still modest enough. Waistline falls more-less on my waist, therefore it looks well with and without a belt. Length is exactly as I like it – on the knee. Fabric is rather thin, so the dress can be worn in a pub and during warmer days, during winter a cardie may be required. The biggest advantage of this dress is obviously the colour – adorable, warm shade of purple.

I think the dress is brilliant and I see myself wearing it often in the nearest future. I also consider buying this style in red (because, believe it or not, I have no red dress! *gasp*). This one gets fully deserved 5/5.


Purple is one of my favourite colours, so I was happy to have an opportunity to try this dress on.

I usually avoid Evans, because their tops and dresses are too baggy for my taste and I never fit in their trousers. They also rarely have anything with a V-neck in stock. This dress is both baggy and has a U-shaped neck.

As you can see it’s been designed for someone with an hourglass figure, someone like Margot. My hips are just not wide enough to fill all the space this dress provides.

I like how the fabric feels, it’s soft and pleasant to the touch, but I think it’s too thin. In some spots it’s almost see-through, which is okay with lingerie and some clothing styles, but shouldn’t be a case in a dress like this one. I’m afraid it will get even thinner after several washes.

It looks okay with a belt, but not as good as on Margot…

I like the shape of the neckline, even though it’s not V-shaped. It’s big enough not to give an impression that my boobs are bigger than they already are, which can be problematic in most dresses and tops. Furthermore, it has enough space in the arm area (and is somewhat stretchy); tight sleeves can be a problem in some dresses sometimes.

To sum up, it’s a decent everyday dress I would recommend as a part of a work outfit, if you work in an office. It’s modest enough and has a beautiful colour. I wouldn’t expect it to last many seasons though, and will look best on someone with wider hips. 3/5


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