Biubiu tops review – “Haarlem” and “Oviedo”

Biubiu is a Polish company that produces bust-friendly tops and dresses, made for different boob sizes within one waist size. The sizes are described as your regular European sizing (from 36 to 48) plus letters B, BB or BBB that stand for bust size.

Biubiu plain jersey tops are my all time favourites. They go with everything, are made of good quality fabric, are comfortable to wear and are boob-friendly. Biubiu releases several styles every season and I try to get a hold of a few pieces every time, which is somewhat tricky – my size sells very quickly. I got two styles this time: Haarlem and Oviedo, both in mock wrap style, which happens to be one of my favourites.

Haarlem – cherry red 46B/BB

This style is based on the previous year’s Rotterdam top. I liked that style, so I knew this would be a great buy. Also it comes in red, and there is no such thing as too many red clothes in a person’s wardrobe.

Very comfortable to wear. The fabric is nice to the touch, good quality and the cut doesn’t restrict my movement. You can adjust the neckline depending on if you want to expose less or more cleavage. In my favourite version (as seen on the photos) it definitely requires a plunge style bra, but if you put the fabric over the bust a balcony bra is enough. The top is draped around the tummy nicely and conceals it somewhat.

Overall it’s 5/5

Also comes in emerald green and violet blue.

Oviedo – cherry&grey 44BB/BBB


I was particularly excited about this style, because it’s a new cut that Biubiu hadn’t had before. I absolutely love the grey detail on the left.

I like how this top doesn’t make my bust seem bigger than it already is, but still enhances it nicely. It’s not too tight on my tummy either, so I don’t feel self conscious about it at all. The fabric is very similar if not the same as in the Haarlem top. 5/5 as well.

Also comes in midnight blue, plum purple and beautiful blue/purple.

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  1. Is Oviedo a true wrap shirt that you cinch and tie, or is it a faux wrap?

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