Panache Jasmine Bra Review

I’ve got a little bit of a love/hate relationship with Panache bras, and I’ve known and wore them for at least five years. Last time I bought Panache bra was two years ago, I believe. I was hoping they would improve the construction to increase the comfort of wearing since then, but unfortunately Jasmine has the same issues as Tango II and other older Panache styles.

Various colour versions of this bra are available on Figleaves and Bravissimo.

I tried this bra on before, so I knew that 36HH size would be a perfect fit.

 Support & Uplift– 4.5/5

Decent support, minimal bounce. If not for the mid wires, I’d risk doing yoga in it. It definitely keeps the boobs in place during my normal everyday activities.

Front view

Side view. Notice how the wires dig in in the middle.

Shape & Fit– 5/5

Can’t complain here. As you can see on the photos, it gives me a perfect upward shape, and this is mostly why I bought this bra.

Comfort 2/5

Alas, wearing this bra for a whole day leaves me with a whole lot of painful injuries. The worst one is in the middle, where the wires touch my ribcage. Or rather dig in instead of lying against it. You can even see it on the photos; this particular spot stays sore and red for many hours after taking the bra off, sometimes  it remains this way even the day after. Another issue is the band on the front. It digs into my belly, leaves red rash on the skin and after a whole day I can’t wait to take it off. Unfortunately it’s those wires – they shape the boobs beautifully but are too hard for my skin. I wonder, if they were just a little bit softer, or not as deep, would the shape be as good as it is now?

The lace on the cups is soft, pleasant to the touch and stretchy, it doesn’t dig in, but adjusts to the boob shape. The straps are okay too, hence 2/5 and not 0/5

Appearance 4/5

I’m generally not a big fan of floral patterns like this one. Also, the navy blue lace, which is very nice on its own, doesn’t quite fit the floral fabric (patternwise, not colourwise). I would rather match both of them with something totally different.

It doesn’t offend my sense of aesthetics though, and I like navy blue, so it’s 4/5, not 3/5.

In a nutshell

I’m sure this bra is designed for my shape of boobs, because it enhances it and shapes them perfectly. So why is it so uncomfortable to wear? I wish that Panache and other lingerie brands understood that availability of pretty bras with big cups is not everything, and that comfort is as important and shouldn’t be treated as a secondary feature. And that bigger boobs often have bigger needs, not just in terms of support.

With a top on

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