Longline tops. Truly yours.

Ever since that evil of a woman Ula recommended me Yours Clothing, my wardrobe has sufferred from space deprivation. This huge plus size fashion retailer deserves attention for many reasons, but mainly for its wide selection of tunics and longline tops, probably the biggest ever known to the curvy part of mankind. I tend to avoid their dresses and blouses/shirts, because they are usually made for taller ladies, but tops and tunics are definitely worth checking out!

My most recent wardrobe additions (AKA Wonder Hangers Nemesis):

White flag print t-shirt with dipped back – size 20


I bought this top mostly because the print resembles Breton flag (don’t ask). I was a bit concerned that its rectangular shape would make my waist disappear in the shadow of my bottom, but the dipped back saved me from this dreadful fate. Keyhole cut at the back is breaking the monotony of a plain tee. What I don’t like is the fact that it’s slightly too long (being petite sucks).  The top is also available in black and grey. I’ve always wanted to look like a skinny hipster and I’m happy that Yours made my dream come true. Overall I give it 4/5.

Sea green asymmetric hem top with gathered detail – size 20


First of all, the fabric around boobs does the strangest things due to poor fitting and ruffled bottom of the neckline. At first I thought I got a wrong size, but then again, the bottom part of the top is fine, so it’s just poor fitting in the upper department. Secondly, it is way too low cut – normally I’d say that it’s due to my height, but sews in boob area are in right place, so I guess it’s by design. I had to accessorize with a large necklace to make it look decent. Finally, it is too loose in the chest area and without a belt looks like a tent. On the plus side, dipped sides hem and sleeves look awesome and really flatter me, which is why I decided to keep the top anyway. Great advantage: this model is available in bazillion colours. I got it in sea green (which makes my new hair colour stand out) and light brown. Overall, this is a nice thing to have, but cannot say it changes my life, and I reckon just it’s not designed for busty ladies (dear plus size fashion retailers: plus size ladies are often quite busty; just sayin’). 2/5

Slate grey bead embellished top with godet detail – size 20


The godet back is enormous and it freaked me out at first, but overall I think it’s not bad and even flatters my generous bottom. The embellishment looks impressive and seems more appropriate for a night out than in everyday situations. Although, I think I could pull it off at work with a plain jacket and flats. Shape is, unfortunately, a bit too rectangular; I wish it had more indent in waistline area. Again, the top is a bit too long, but I guess I have to live with that, because, for some reason, most of petite clothing stops around size 14-16 (apparently you’re not allowed to be short AND chubby). Overall – nice going out top for a plus size lady: 4/5.

Black colour block border top with tie back detail – size 20

SONY DSC bw_top_back

This one is my personal revelation. It’s absolutely brilliant! The tie-back gives it a great, completely un-tent-like shape. Asymmetric cut and dipped front lengthen the silhouette. The fabric is slightly stretchy, but heavy enough to fall gently down my curves. The neckline is perfect – in the most desirable v-shape, yet modest enough. I also like the colours of this particular version, they are kinda hypnotising. I’m trying hard to be fair here, but simply cannot find a thing I don’t like about this top. Strong 5/5. Or even 6/5.

Now, this model has several more colour/pattern versions: cobalt, flowery/monochrome, flowery/coral and black. Ini mini miny moe…

White & black stripe top with asymmetrical hem – size 20


I’ve had this one for at least a year, but I can see that it’s still in store in several versions. Apparently it’s the brand’s bestseller, because it keeps coming back in various colours and patterns. I decided to mention it for two reasons: first, for giving more  opinion about the quality, secondly – because it is on sale at the moment and the price is really amazing.

At first glance, the shape looks like the sea green one’s, but this one is better fit (even though it’s the same size!). The dipped sides give a nice shape and the top looks good even without a belt. Again, the neckline is a bit too low, I usually work around it by wearing a tank top underneath.

On the topic of quality, I can say that I’ve worn this top many times ofer the past year (at least once a month) and after many washings the colours are still great and the fabric looks just like the day I received the order.

In a nutshell

Yours nailed again and I’ll definitely come back for more when sales kick in for few items I like. The selection of colours and styles is overwhelming, and the quality is very good. Cannot imagine better value for money.

Wonder hangers

Little tip: attached plastic hooks don’t seem to cope with gravity for too long. I used metal S-hooks by IKEA instead.

I’m sure many of you have similar problem – your wardrobes seem to be made to store ball gowns and it almost hurts to see how much space is wasted underneath your working class shirts, skirts and jackets. Wonder hanger is a great solution to those of you who cannot afford a new wardrobe with two shorter railings – it allows to store several hangers vertically! I use it for my tunics and shirts, and cannot overrate how much more space it made! For more longline tops, for instance.

Wonder hangers are available on amazon and ebay in various versions.


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