Biubiu “Gomera” bust friendly dresses review

News flash: some women are different than some other women! *gasp* And since women differ between each other in terms of body shape, they may require different amount of boob space in their clothes. Biubiu is one of these very few brands that design clothing for various bust sizes within one waist size, so that if you are a busty lady, you don’t have to wear shapeless stuff to accommodate your voluptuous breasts anymore.

Being from Poland, I’m lucky to have known Biubiu almost from the beginning. I particularly love them for their plain jersey tops that go with absolutely everything and yet  are nothing like regular boring stuff. They don’t just have space for my bust, they also make me look great andfeel so much more happy, beautiful and confident than I do in shapeless clothes. What I don’t like about their brand is that their styles sell out so quickly that sometimes when I manage to save up enough money for a purchase, my size is often gone. Well, it only shows how much demand there is for such products and I seriously wonder why there are so few brands that practice this sort of thing.

Gomera Grey dress

Front view

Side view

I’m usually reluctant to buy tailored clothes, because I’m much more likely to fit into jersey. I gave this style a shot however, deciding on a size 48 BB instead of my usual 46 BB or 44 BBB. It was a very good decision; as you can see, the latter would be too small in my chest area.

Fit – 4.5/5

The fit is nice and close in the bust, but somewhat wide and baggy in the hip and waist area. I’m sure this is the intended design, I will however need a wide belt to feel happier in it. On the other hand this cut doesn’t make me feel self conscious about my tummy all the time, so I’m having mixed feelings. The neckline is just a little bit to high in my opinion and makes my boobs look even bigger than they are, but I understand that some women don’t feel comfortable in lower cut styles as much as I do.

Comfort – 3/5

As with all tailored clothes you don’t have as much moving space when wearing it. My mum always says that I walk like a guy, but I’m not going to pretend to walk differently than I do naturally just to please my mum, so I don’t care that much. In this dress, however, I have to be careful to make smaller steps, because the hem is quite narrow. The only issue I’m having with it is the fabric roughness. It is 100% linen, rough texture rather than smooth, and I can feel it consciously on my skin all the time, especially during a hot day, when I sweat a little bit more than usually. It was 30°C, extremely humid and sultry during the photo session, and after about two hours of walking around the town I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

Originality & style – 5/5

I don’t care much for fashion, but I do care about style. I don’t like being forced to wear whatever two thirds of the female population is wearing (usually because that is all that’s available), and this dress suits my needs in that respect – you won’t find many women wearing this style of dress these days.

Matched with grey and red earrings


Matched with leggings it doubles as a tunic. It will go with all my fav casual bags (especially the black one you can see on the photos), flats and jewellery (red coral chunky bracelets would be one of my first choices). I will happily match it with pretty much everything red and darker grey, especially casual and tribal inspired style. I was missing a belt during this photo session, but I will be getting one as soon as I’m back from my holiday.

In a nutshell

It’s a great dress but not for the weather it was intended. I’d rather wear it on cooler days with a cardigan, to make sure it won’t feel as rough on my skin. Rather casual than smart, but I didn’t become an artist to worry about work attire ;) There are also green and indigo blue versions available.

Gomera black dress

It differs slightly from its grey version. Firstly it’s stretchy, so I chose a 46 BB. Secondly, it’s slightly longer. Finally the sleeves are longer and the neckline is even higher.

With pumps

With sandals

 Fit – 5/5

Maybe it’s just me and I feel better in jersey fabrics, but I think this version suits me better. I will try to wear it with a belt nevertheless, but I think it’s just as fine without it. The neckline is higher than in the grey one, but it doesn’t look as weird, perhaps because it’s darker.

Comfort – 4.5/5

This fabric feels soft enough on my skin and has high cotton percentage, but is quite thick too and it felt too warm in hot weather. I must try to wear it sometime cooler. Also, jersey is always more comfortable than non-stretchy fabrics, because it gives more space to move around.

Originality & Style – 5/5

As with the grey version, the style is quite original. It is also more versatile due to the nature of all black fabrics – they are slightly less casual by nature and can work for formal outfit as well as informal. This one can double as a generic little black dress for me.


Due to its smarter feeling, I’d rather match it with pumps than sandals. Unfortunately, the photo session was on a very hot day so I had to either change shoes in the end, or risk feet injuries.  I matched it with a tribal inspired white and turquoise necklace (made by yours truly). I think tribal style suits baggy dresses nicely and has a summery feeling.

With tribal inspired African beads necklace

In a nutshell

This is a fantastic dress for many occasions. I see myself wearing it to bigger events with heels and chiffon scarf, as well as casual parties or pub outings, ideally combined with flats and leggings. There’s also a rowanberry red version, but this shade doesn’t match my complexion well. I wish there was a dark red one, or one with a pattern.

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