Amari skirts and top review

As we mentioned in our post about Amari dresses, we did not stop there with our mad shopping spree. The truth is, there are plenty of pretty dresses out there, but surprisingly, selection of skirts in both online and offline shops is rather poor. Amari seems to have more to offer than just plain pencil skirts, hideous black maxis and denim gaps, so we decided to give it a shot.

Chocolate Daisy Skirt – size 5

Probably the girliest thing Margot will ever have.

What really seduced me here were the colours – not only I love chocolate brown (and the feeling is mutual, dare I say), but also appreciate putting it together with teal and orange. The pattern is absolutely sensational. The fabric is also lovely – it gives in to gravity in a graceful way and feels good on my skin.

Unfortunately, it is a bit too long for me (mind that I’m only 5’3″/161 cm tall), but with heels it looks quite fine. What really surprised me was that it is supposed to sit below the waist (apparently the word “hipster” in the product description does not refer to young people listening to bands I’ve probably never heard about – learn something new every day). Personally I think it is a bad idea and I’d rather keep it on the waist and possibly even add a belt. Having said that, I wish I had exchanged my purchase to size 4, because in size 5 the waist feels a bit loose.

Nevertheless, I am happy with the skirt and determined to wear it often, especially with long boots in winter. 4/5

Grey Alex skirt – size 5

Perhaps not the best way to style a skirt in the middle of a hot day, but hey, gotta think forward.

I gotta say, I have a soft spot for pencil skirts. Perhaps they don’t flatter me that much, but they make me feel elegant and feminine.

This grey beauty may be a good investment for those who like pencil skirts, but don’t fall for boring, office style. Colours and pattern are lovely and anything but dull. Pleats on the belly make my hips look somehow smaller, length is absolutely perfect. Alas, the waistband is not made for my hourglass shape – it sticks out a bit on the sides and there’s no way to smooth it out, because the skirt tends to ride up on my child-bearing hips.

Fabric is all right, although I’m afraid it might stick to non-sleek tights, which is certainly a disadvantage for winter apparel. Overall – great piece of clothing, only not for big hips, and with proper undergarment. I give it 3/5.


Ula’s happiness may come from the fact that the skirt flatters her big time.

I can’t remember why I was laughing so much when this particular photo was being taken, but we always laugh more than we don’t, and you have no idea how hard it is to get a “normal” photo out of such a photo session…

Anyway, back to business.

When I was buying this skirt, I thought the fabric would have a corduroy feeling. It doesn’t, although it is as thick. It’s beautifully soft and warm, perfect for colder Irish days, I’d say. The pattern is what convinced me here the most – I love tasteful abstract patterns. Also it’s mostly grey, so it will go perfectly with all my red, purple and teal tops.

The cut is generous on the hip area for me, but then again my hips are relatively narrow. I don’t mind though, it creates an impression that I actually have a waist ;)

Unfortunately size 5 is a bit too loose for me (you can even see it on the photo). I wish I had exchanged it for a size 4, but now it’s too late. I’m going to have to use a belt or have it taken in. Overall it’s a 4.5/5.

Black plain gather T-shirt – size 5

SONY DSCAs I mentioned in the post about dresses, I suffer from rufflophobia and tend to avoid anything that ruffles fabric around boobs, assuming that it makes them look bigger. However, this top is an honourable exception. Perhaps it’s the vertical bar in the middle, perhaps it’s because the ruffle is not that brutal, but this top is everything that basic needs to be minus being dull. Sleeves are also worth mentioning – not too tight, not too short, perfect and modest. I like this top so much that I’m considering ordering more of them in different colours (coral looks tempting). Fully deserved 5/5.


SONY DSCThis top is one of my favourite ones this summer. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and doesn’t cause excess sweating. The cut isn’t too low (I can wear it with a balconette bra), so it pretty much suits every occasion. The style matches pretty much all of my pants and skirts, from Thai wrap skirt to cargo trousers, and yet it isn’t your regular boring t-shirt. I can dress it up (pencil skirt and heels) or down (shorts and sandals) and it still looks gorgeous. It doesn’t flatten my boobs and they still don’t look bigger than they are in it. I wonder if size 4 would be ok too, as size 5 is slightly loose. Anyway, definitely 5/5.

Black Margot skirt – R.I.P.

Unfortunately, we were too preoccupied with how awesome we look in this one to realize that it went out of stock. We hope that the model comes back with this pattern or another.

The pattern itself still lingers in store on a top and scarves (black/maroon and grey/purple).



To sum up: we love Amari and their clothes apparently love us. We are looking forward to see their new arrivals!

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