Amari bust-friendly dresses review

There are several brands that make bust-friendly clothing in a way that they create two or three bust sizes within one waist size (we will write about them later). There are however other brands that just make “regular” bust-friendly clothing in a way that it’s just able to accommodate big bust because of the generous cut and stretch fabric. We’ve recently discovered that Amari is definitely one of them.

They not only do that, but they create several styles, matching different body shapes, within one fabric pattern. And the patterns are so beautiful, that we want to buy almost all of them. We were sensible though, and bought just a few dresses.

Bridget Pocket Tunic – size 5

With a belt

Side view

No belt; a smile instead. I like the cute little pockets.

Unfortunately before this post was written it went out of stock :( They do have another style with the same pattern: Bridget Tieback Dress.
Hopefully they will have some more of the tunic style in the future (with different patterns for example), because I like it a lot.

Although it’s described as a tunic, I think it can work as a dress pretty well either. It ends right above my knee (I’m 168cm/5.5′ tall). It has a slightly raised waistline on me, which I happen to like – my slimmest part is right below the bust, not in the waist and I like to accenturate that.

The neckline is quite modest (at least comparing to what I usually wear), which can be handy in some situations and I don’t mind.

The colours are rather cool than warm – mint green and neutral grey. It would look nice with teal or dark grey accessories. I think it looks better with a belt.

Knowing me, I’d probably dress it down, with leggings, sandals or flats, a cardigan and a casual bag. Perfect dress for summer, as it has high cotton percentage and is pleasant to the touch. 5/5


No belt

With a belt

Cracked up. Laughter is a great accessory.

Since I’m merely 5’3″ (161 cm) tall, the waistline of this dress sits more-less on my waist, hence it’s a good idea to add a belt to create the empire waistline effect. Neckline is a bit lower than I expected, but still appropriate for work. Unlike what I had thought, the pockets not only didn’t make my thighs look even bigger, but also they did my hips and legs a favour. The fitting is close, but not too tight.

But all these are nothing compared to the fabric – it feels absolutely amazing. Usually anything that is not 100% cotton or linen makes me sweat too much in that goddamn Irish humidity, but this one passed Dublin summer test with A+ grade. Overall I give this little beauty 5/5.

Since the pattern and colours made me think of chipsets and spaceships, I couldn’t help wearing my fav silver pumps :)

Hattie Crossover Dress – size 5

Front view

Back view

Kitty view

The waistline in this dress sits even higher on me, right below my chest. This is my favourite style.

It accommodates my boobs without any excess fabric. The neckline is low, so it requires a plunge bra rather than balconette or fullcup.

The fabric is very similar in touch to the Bridget dress, but the medium length sleeves make it suitable for cooler Summer days or regular Spring or Autumn weather (my arms would feel too warm in it in 30°C plus)

With my 168cm/5.5′ height, the hemline ends right below the knees, which happens to be my favourite length.

Unfortunately it rides up in the front on my stomach a littl bit, so the hemline is slightly lower in the back.

I’m wearing my generic shoes on the photos, but you could go with pretty much anything else with it, high heels, long leggings and ballerinas, jackets, cardigans ect. I’m probably going to wear it with  a grey cardi, some purple/grey jewellery and a plain purple scarf (the pattern on this dress is huge and I’m not brave enough to match it with other decisive patterns). 4.5/5.



Oh my, just look at that pattern! Isn’t it awesome?

Anyway, back to business.

Usually I avoid cross-over dresses and tops, because they turn out way too low-cut for someone of my height. As you can see on the photo on the right-hand side, this dress is not much different (to its defence, at least my bra is not showing). The fabric feels very nice on my skin, however, I’d rather see this model made with some heavier and more sleek material, because this one rides up on my child-bearing hips when I put tights on. Surprisingly, the length turned out quite well, although I prefer my dresses and skirts right-on-the-knee.

I’ve worn pumps for the photoshoot, but on the second thought I’d rather go with mid-height heels. I have a feeling they would make my legs look slimmer, especially that the hem gets dangerously close to the widest part of my calves.

Overall, this is a lovely dress and would definitely look great on a busty lady, it’s just not made for petite chicks. 2/5

Alice Tie Gathered Dress – size 5

Firstly, the amount of fabric in the bust area is TOO generous, which gives a weird impression that I’m carrying two cannonballs in canvas bags on my chest. Or perhaps a size 4 would be better for me (but I couldn’t have known that).

Secondly, it rides up in the front a little bit.

Thirdly, the bottom part is somewhat strange; too wide in the hips and yet it doesn’t get any wider near the knees. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it looks odd. I’m gonna have to accessorize (wide belt? scarf?).

What I like about it is that you can wear the sleeves both long and medium (by design).  I love the turquoise colour and the deliciously soft fabric. This dress is not perfect, but I’m keeping it anyway. Overall I’m giving it 3.5/5.




I wore this one just for the photoshoot – when I saw it on the website, I didn’t like the idea of ruffled fabric around boobs, which usually makes them look even bigger. However, this turned out better than I expected. Thanks to the excess of material around the cleavage, the low cut is slightly less exposing. Something worth considering for those who, like yours truly, don’t feel comfortable with low-cuts. Unfortunately, my boobs still look enormous. It’s not like I’m ashamed of having boobs in general, but I don’t see the reason for bragging about them either.

Regarding the shape from waistband down, I find it flattering. It makes my lower curves visible while mercifully concealing my thighs. Good move with pleats over the belly, it does miracles to my “beer muscle”.

Sleeves are probably original and give some decor, but personally I find them a bit annoying. I suspect each time I’d wear this beauty, my OCD would kick in and make me adjust the length over and over. But maybe it’s just me.

The fabric feels very pleasant on the skin and gives hem proper gravity. Spot-on, just as well as the colour (I recommend chocolate brown accessories here).

To sum up: very pretty and unique, but not exactly flattering for busty gals. I give it 3/5.

In a nutshell

We’re a little bit sad that some other Amari dresses that we liked are out of stock now, but will definitely come back in the future, as we’re curious what they will come up with in the next seasons.

A lot of brands ignore people over the size 14. Some brands that do cater for sizes 16 and up, don’t really acknowledge the fact that bigger women have different kinds of needs (like boob space, comfy non-scratchy fabrics, or sleeve that won’t painfully cinch your arms), so we find their clothes utterly useless. Amari is definitely not one of them. Their clothes are beautiful, very comfortable, bust-friendly and their size 5 is somewhere between British 16 and 20. They also acknowledge the fact that women come in various shapes and have different tastes, so they make clothes in all sorts of styles to choose from. This makes us happy and hopeful that more brands will adopt this approach in the future.

Margot was actually so happy, that she bought two more dresses.

We also have some Amari skirts to review in the near future, so stay tuned.

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  1. The first dress is IMO the best for you both.
    I also like Margot in the teal one.

  2. Thanks so much to you both for your fabulous and very thoughtful review. We love your enthusiasm for our brand! From all of us at Amari xx

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