Curvy Kate “Daily Boost” bra review

I  needed a nude bra for all those light-coloured t-shirts and blouses that I usually didn’t buy when offered a choice, because I only had dark bras. I tried it on in a brilliant lingerie shop in Wroclaw, Poland (I’ll write about them another time), so I pretty much knew the 36HH size would be right for me. My measurments are more or less 95cm (37″) under the bust and 120cm (47″) in the bust (it’s approximate because I can never measure myself properly without the measuring tape sliding down somewhere).

Curvy Kate is a Brastop brand and this is where I bought it.

Support & fit – 4/5

It gives a decent amount of support for your usual everyday wearing, although I wouldn’t go jogging in it, as there’s bounce when I jump. My boobs are relatively high-set, so I had to shorten the shoulder straps almost entirely, but then again it’s what I must do with every bra.  It seems lower cut than most balconette bras (and therefore forces a little bit of underarm spillage), so you can wear it with all sorts of tops except the very low cut ones, but I don’t think that’s what’s killing the support here (maybe it’s the shoulder straps? soft wires? can’t tell).

Shape & Uplift – 4/5

The boobs are lifted from the sides to the front, which is good, but it also gives me a slightly weird downward shape. You can even slightly see it with a top on.

Can you see the downward shape?

Even more visible from the side


With a top on


Comfort 4.5/5

The wires don’t dig in, the fabric inside the cups is soft and comfortable. The shoulder straps are slightly less elastic than I would have wanted, but they don’t dig in either. The only issue I had with it was the bottom part of the band, especially on the back, near the fastening. It scratched a little bit, but somehow stopped after I wore it maybe three times.

Appearance 5/5

I suppose you can’t expect much in terms of appearance from a nude t-shirt bra, but for the purpose it was made it’s perfect. The white trimming on the top gives it a nice twist and makes it less boring than it would be without it.

Overall it’s a decent everyday bra and I would recommend it if you’re not too fussy about scratchy fabrics and can get over a non-perfectly-round shape it gives.

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