Why I hate fashion

I hate fashion. No, seriously, I do. Maybe it’s a strange statement from someone who has a blog about clothing and accessories, but whenever I see a headline like “Be trendy this summer!” or “This season’s ‘must haves’” I roll eyes. Let me explain why. Fashion is monotonous. When something is in fashion you literally can’t find anything else, that would maybe suit your figure or personal style more. Indie shops can sometimes come to the rescue (and Marks & Spencer – if you like classics), but chance is they won’t have your size, the only style of dress you …

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Caption contest – final results

Remember our contest we held in January? We think it’s time to wrap it up and after a debate we chose the following participants: 1st place: 2nd place: “Bras are like tea cups: they must be big enough to hold in the contents but narrow enough so they won’t spill.” 3rd place: “Honey, you look SO_SWEET in this – like you have two cupcakes instead of breasts.” To get your prizes please contact me at the ukapala@gmail.com with your snail mail address so I can ship the item to you :) This is important: please write from the email address that …

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Review: dresses by Curvissa

In previous post we reviewed tunics by Curvissa. Obviously, we didn’t stop there and we have more for you today. Patchwork dress – size 20 Margot    I tend to avoid shift dresses, because they make me look weird, but I fell for the pattern and, to my surprise, discovered that the style is quite nice.The length and fitting seem to work for me. Somehow this dress is not as shapeless as the other shift dresses and hence clings well to my curves. One thing though – it forms a bit of a tent underneath my bust, apparently this style …

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Reviews: tunics by Curvissa

Curvissa is yet another plus size fashion retailer, offering a large choice of clothing and lingerie for plus size ladies. We’ve decided to order several things from there and give you some insight on the quality and fitting of their products. Amy Jones tunic dress – size 20 Margot As I already mentioned, orange and brown is one of my favourite colour combinations, so when I saw this one in a shop, I couldn’t resist. Colours and dipped hem really made the tunic worth trying on. In terms of appearance, I am really happy with it. The little zips around …

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We’re extending the contest

Remember the contest we started a month ago? We got some submissions but we don’t think it’s enough of them to judge, so we’re extending the deadline for another month. So get creative.

Reviews: dresses Sens and Frontera by BiuBiu

As you probably already know, Biubiu is a Polish brand that designs clothing for different bust sizes. Along with Pepperberry, it’s one of the first brands to do that, and we think it’s fantastic that such clothing exists and we don’t have to wear baggy tops and dresses to accommodate our busts anymore. We always look forward to the new designs Biubiu comes up with. Here’s a review of their two new dresses. Frontera black & grey – size 44 BB/BBB Ula I loved Gomera dresses and wore them a lot during Summer and Autumn, so I was happy to …

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Contest. Make us laugh. There are prizes.

So, we decided to hold a contest, because contests are fun and we all need as much cheer as we can get. The Goal The idea is to come up with a humorous dialogue (or caption) for this bra fitting related situation (I’m sure at least some of you have been through this experience, as either of the participants): The purpose of this exercise is that the dialogue or caption must be funny. Putting it simply, make us laugh. The Jury We (Ula & Margot) will choose the submissions we like the most. If there’s more of them that we’re …

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Sale dresses from Yours Clothing reviews

Yours Clothing has some stuff on sale now, so we decided to give these two dresses a review before they’re gone. Black and plum wrap dress – size 18 Ula I have been drooling over this particular dress since it’s become available a few months back. I was reluctant however to spend 39€ on a single dress, so I decided to wait until the sale and hoped that my size wouldn’t be gone by then. I was lucky. There is also a skirt made of the same fabric available. Fit – 4.5/5 The dress has enough space for my bust, …

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“Special” photos 2013

It’s the last Sunday of 2013, so we decided to round the year up with, um… less official sort of photos that kind of happen during our photo sessions. Happy New Year!

Holiday Break

Greetings to all our readers. We decided to take a break from blogging for the holiday season: I am swamped with Christmas craft fairs and Margot has a nasty cold, so we don’t have time for photo shoots. We’ll be back in January with a review something cool. For now we’d like to wish our readers happy holidays and lots of rest.

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